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Continental Arctic Air Mass Abbreviation: cA or AStill image:
Size: 4644 x 3484
Acquisition: Graphic, Scanned illustration
Frame rate: still
Clearance: No releases required
Location: Graphic
License: Royalty Free
Usage: Creative and Editorial
Point of view: Ground in scene
Geography: Rural
Still images available: Y
Keywords:   Cold, Air Masses
Asset ID: 5201
Title: Continental Arctic Air Mass
Concept: Abbreviation: cA or A
Detail: Air masses which form over polar land masses are cold and dry, and if, over polar ice caps during winter dark, bitterly cold and very dry. On weather charts you will sometimes see them indicated by the symbol cA - continental arctic, or sometimes just A, as arctic air only forms over frozen continents. They commonly sweep southward out of Canada into the US, especially during winter, and produce major cold waves.

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