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Weather Diary  14 July 1977 Well grounded lightning rods - a great idea.Still image:
Size: 3659 x 2059
Acquisition: Graphic, Scanned illustration
Frame rate: still
Clearance: No releases required
Location: Alabama
License: Royalty Free
Usage: Creative and Editorial
Point of view: Other
Geography: Rural
Still images available: Y
Keywords:   Cloud-to-Ground (CG), Lightning protection, Lightning damage, Thunderstorm, Daily weather diary, July Weather Events, Lightning
Asset ID: 5491
Title: Weather Diary 14 July 1977
Concept: Well grounded lightning rods - a great idea.
Detail: Bessemer, Alabama was a steel making town, but a new way to produce molten metal resulted from a lightning strike in a home which partially melted a refrigerator. An interesting sidelight was that a five pound ham inside was reportedly "nicely cooked" in the process. While rare, there have been cases of lightning related injuries and deaths to people using appliances, corded telephones, and plumbing during thunderstorms. If lightning bolts are striking near your house or place of work, it might not be such a bad idea to refrain from using electrical appliances and plumbing during electrical storms. Note: We are not really sure a ham could be cooked from this scenario, as the duration of the lightning current is only milliseconds long at best...not enough time for cooking. Human lightning strike victims do not become "crispy critters" for that reason. The damage to humans is most often a "short circuit" of the body's electrical impulses.

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